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Preservation towards storage and access.
Standardised Practices for Audiovisual Contents in Europe.

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archives picture
Final PrestoSpace Workshop - ROME [21 & 22 January 2008]
See ALL the PrestoSpace technology, from new machines for audio and video digitisation, to the Turnkey System for hosting your own Digital Audiovisual Archive. Please book this date in your diaries. Full information on registration are available below.
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Workshop "PrestoSpace to the rescue" in Vienna [14 & 15 may 2007]
The IST-Project PrestoSpace demonstrates LIVE the results achieved so far! Demonstrating the PrestoSpace-chain
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The history of the 'Preservation Factory' concept
The 'Preservation Factory' concept is due to Richard Wright, from BBC Information & Archives. The first time it was referenced in public was by Richard Wright, on 22-24/05/2002, during the Presto Multimedia Archive Preservation practical workshop, in London. >More
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About PrestoSpace
The project's objective is to provide technical solutions and integrated systems for digital preservation of all types of audiovisual collections.
The project intends to provide tangible results in the domain of preservation, restoration, storage and archive management, content description, delivery and access. Economic factors supporting preservation services will be addressed.
The principal aim is to prepare the way for preservation factories providing affordable services to all kinds of collection custodians in order to manage and to allow access to their assets.
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